About Spider Veins

Thousands of women and men in Bellingham are bothered by unsightly spider veins ans varicose veins. These visible surface veins are hereditary and can form anywhere on the leg from the ankle to the top of the thigh. They become visible through the skin, ranging in color from red to purple to blue, depending on the diameter of the vein.


How serious are Spider Veins?

Most people prefer to treat  spider veins for aesthetic reasons. Unlike varicose veins  spider veins by themselves do not pose any health problems, though 25% of people with spider veins on the legs will also have deep vein disease which can develop into varicose veins. For this reason it is important that you choose a vascular-trained physician who specializes in vein disorders (phlebology), even if your concerns are aesthetic. A qualified vein specialist can make a thorough diagnosis to rule out serious vein disease.


What treatments are available?

Sclerotherapy is the most effective method of eliminating spider veins. A tiny needle injects a solution into the veins. It feels similar to a mosquito bite. The solution causes the vein to shrink and it gradually disappears as the body absorbs the tissue over the next few weeks. The body automatically re-routes the blood through other veins, improving circulation. At the same time, it is important to also eliminate “feeder” veins that could create future spider veins or varicosities.

A typical session takes approximately thirty minutes. Normal activities can be resumed right away. A patient may require one or several sclerotherapy sessions for a given vein area. This procedure is sometimes used in combination with other treatments for optimum results.

Find out if you could benefit from this procedure.

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